Representation in Cyprus


As part of the general effort to approach young people in schools and in order to bring the European Union closer to its citizens, the Representation offers information sessions on the EU for groups of students from elementary schools (5th and 6th grade), lower and upper secondary schools and technical schools (up to 50 people) throughout the school year. The sessions are organised in collaboration with the European Parliament Information Office in Cyprus and form part of the "Euro-knowledge" activities of the Ministry of Education and Culture. Schools may choose to either visit the EU House or request that officials of the Representation visit the school (excluding schools within the district of Nicosia). The information sessions last between 1 hour and 1 hour & 15 minutes and include a debate, a briefing and an exchange of views and opinions on topical European affairs, e.g. education and employment perspectives, consumer rights, the role of the EU and its contribution in improving the quality of life of European citizens, etc.

Upon receiving a timely request by the schools, it is also possible to arrange the participation of competent officials of the Representation in school events with a European dimension, e.g. Europe Day, European Day of Languages, conferences, workshops, debates, the annual two-day training seminar for teachers, etc.

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