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What is the risk of COVID-19 infection from food products? Is the agri-food industry taking measures to avoid that the food they produce or distribute is contaminated by the virus?  Find here the answers to your...



Misinformation and disinformation in the health space are thriving, including on COVID-19. It is important that you rely only on authoritative sources to get updated information on the COVID-19 outbreak....


Passport control

Fact: The EU is no longer in crisis mode. The number of arrivals is the lowest it has been in five years (150,000 in 2018). This is the result of joint EU efforts on all fronts. The majority of refugees and migrants remain in neighbouring countries. The EU works in partnership with third...


European Border and Coast Guard

Fact: The EU supports not undermines national border protection. The Commission has proposed to create a standing corps of 10,000 border guards that would be at Member States' disposal to do just that: protect our borders.
In the last 2 years, the Commission also proposed and the Council...


Fayez al-Sarraj and Federica Mogherini

Fact: The EU is working tirelessly to evacuate migrants from Libya and put a stop to detention. It is a priority for the EU to put an end to the system of arbitrary detention and close the detention centres in Libya. We are working with the IOM and the UNHCR to evacuate refugees and migrants...


Refugees rescued in Lampedusa

Fact: EU operations never return people to Libya. The EU does not practice push-backs and no migrants saved by European boats are ever returned to Libya. Our priority is to prevent people from taking dangerous journeys in the first place and to provide protection and support to vulnerable people...


European Border and Coast Guard

Fact: The EU supports its Member States financially, operationally and materially. During the crisis, the EU's Civil Protection Mechanism provided immediate in-kind support. A total of 900,000 items such as blankets, beds and tents were provided to EU Member States and countries along the...


"Open the border" sign

Fact: The EU is neither an open door nor a fortress. The European Union is working to create an asylum system that is fair, effective and humane. We continue to offer refuge to those genuinely in need of protection, while returning those who do not have the right to stay in the EU. In the face...


Migrants in train

Fact: There is no secret plot to encourage migration. It does not create a legal right to migrate, and it does not create any legal obligations for states. It restates what should be obvious: every human being is entitled to the same universal human rights, and migrants and refugees are no...


Border control

Fact: The reinstatement of internal border controls are a step back for Europe. The Schengen area is the largest free travel area in the world. It allows more than 400 million EU citizens, as well as visitors, to move freely, and goods and services to flow unhindered. It benefits people's lives...