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Myth: The EU turns a blind eye on the situation of migrants in detention centres in Libya


Fayez al-Sarraj and Federica Mogherini

Fact: The EU is working tirelessly to evacuate migrants from Libya and put a stop to detention. It is a priority for the EU to put an end to the system of arbitrary detention and close the detention centres in Libya. We are working with the IOM and the UNHCR to evacuate refugees and migrants stranded in Libya. So far more than 37,000 migrants have received assistance to return from Libya to their country of origin and more than 2,500 people in need of international protection have been evacuated from Libya to a third country. Ensuring the protection of human rights of migrants is at the heart of the EU migration policy: this is regularly addressed in the constant EU dialogue with Libyan authorities; is a central part of EU training activities of the Libyan coastguards; and is the primary objective of EU supported activities in detention centres.