Representation in Cyprus

EU's aid programme for the Turkish Cypriot community

The European Union's Aid Programme for the Turkish Cypriot community continues to contribute approximately EUR 34 million per year in support of the following objectives: the promotion of social and economic development, development of infrastructure, fostering reconciliation, building confidence and supporting civil society, bringing the Turkish Cypriot community closer to the EU through information and contacts between Turkish Cypriots and other EU citizens, helping the Turkish Cypriot community prepare for the implementation of EU law once a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus issue is agreed.


As part of this support, four recent projects are showcased below.


SME Competitiveness Integrated Finance Facility

The EU contributes in total EUR 2.45 million to the SME Competitiveness Integrated Finance Facility, implemented by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to improve access to finance and advisory services for SMEs. EUR 800,000 of additional funding has been provided, which should help around 50 companies expand their business and create new jobs.  The finance facility is an important element of the EU's support to private sector development.

Contact person: Stefanie Reiher (


Support to the Committee on Missing Persons (CMP) in Cyprus

The Aid Programme is the main financing source for the Committee on Missing Persons (CMP) in Cyprus, with a total contribution of EUR 22.4 million to date.  The European Commission's recent agreement with the United Nations Development Programme provides an additional EUR 2.6 million for the work of the CMP aiming first of all to increase the number of remains of missing persons returned to their families but also to build local capacity and trust between communities.  Information about  CMP's work can be found on the website:

Contact person: Ambra di Nuzzo (                          


Technical Assistance (TA) to strengthen the capacity of Turkish Cypriot veterinary services

The European Commission recently signed a new contract for "Technical Assistance (TA) to strengthen the capacity of Turkish Cypriot veterinary services to eradicate, control and prevent animal diseases."  The project aims to strengthen the capacities of veterinary services to deal with major animal diseases in the northern part of Cyprus, in compliance with EU standards. Furthermore, four new EU-funded supply contracts have been awarded to provide equipment and consumables for veterinary and food safety laboratories.  These investments will have a direct impact on animal health and food safety standards in the Turkish Cypriot community and they bring overall EU investment in the rural development sector to more than EUR 58 million since 2006.

Contact person: Ankica Labrovic (


Support to Sustainable Solid Waste Management

The European Commission continues to support the implementation of sustainable solid waste management practices in the Turkish Cypriot community and in the process protect the environment from far-reaching effects of  air and ground pollution. In this regard, the European Commission recently signed a new contract for EUR 2.65 million for the expansion of the existing central Sanitary Landfill at the Koutsoventis/Güngör site. The new EU investment should extend the potential lifetime of the landfill up to the year 2030.  All works are to be in accordance with the latest EU standards.