Representation in Cyprus

EU Aid Programme for the TC community

Rural Development

Supporting the rural economy is a major component of the Aid Programme for the Turkish Cypriot community. The main objectives of the Rural Development Sector Programme (RDSP) are to help improve living conditions in rural areas while protecting the environment and developing a sustainable use of natural resources. Through the RDSP, the EU has provided approximately €54 million of support to the Turkish Cypriots in the period until 2015. It takes the form of investment support through a series of grant schemes, technical assistance and capacity building, supplies, as well as providing guidance to the Turkish Cypriot community to help prepare for the future adoption of EU rules and regulations. Read more on the Rural Development Programme on RDSP website:


Private Sector Development

The Private Sector Development Programme supports Turkish Cypriot entrepreneurs in  improving their competitiveness through modernising their products and services, with particular attention to the preservation of natural resources and to the creation of jobs. The programme offers technical assistance and financial support to Turkish Cypriot limited companies and sole proprietorships. Since 2009 more than 300 local companies utilised the services of EU experts and over hundreds received financial support in the form of co-shared grants for a total of €20 million. Read more on Private Sector Developments at the following link:


Support to Civil Society

The European Commission has been providing funds to strengthen Civil society in the northern part of Cyprus as a key factor in the development of a culture of dialogue, participation in community life, and the promotion of values of tolerance, peace, active citizenship. Five calls for proposals were launched during the period 2007-2015 for a total amount of €9.5 million to support reconciliation, dialogue, closer relationships and trust between the Turkish Cypriot and the Greek Cypriot communities. In parallel to these grant schemes, a Civil Society Support Team (CSST) provided technical assistance and capacity building to Civil Society Organisations. A new support team with a similar mandate started its operations in September 2015. Read more at the following link:


Human Resources Development

The overall objective of the Human Resources Development programme is to assist the Turkish Cypriot community in reforming the education sector to enhance human resources development and assist in the creation of more and better jobs.  Since 2006 a total of €11.4 million has been allocated under this programme. In the field of education, a technical assistance project was implemented from 2008 to 2011 with a value of €1.4 million. To develop and improve the labour market, a technical assistance project ran from 2008 to 2012 with a value of €1.8 million. There were also grants awarded to making the labour market more inclusive with 3 calls for proposals, and a total of 31 projects from 2008 to 2010 for a budget of €1.3 million. There have been 6 calls for proposals under the Schools Initiative for Innovation and Change grant scheme reaching a total budget of €4.5 million. A new call was launched on 30 June 2016 covering schools and vocational training with € 1.5 million in total for supporting the improvement of quality and efficiency in education and training and the promotion of equity, social cohesion and active citizenship; and promoting lifelong learning and activities enhancing entrepreneurship. The full Guidelines for Applicants and application package are available for consultation and downloading on the following internet site under the reference EUROPEAID151989: