Representation in Cyprus

Small businesses

Cypriot companies, whatever their size, are now part of a trade area that includes some of the world’s wealthiest countries.

If your business wants to expand in Europe, you can get advice and support to do so.

See also sources of financing.

And if you are just starting out, you may be able to take part in the EU’s young entrepreneur exchange scheme.

European Business Support Centre in Cyprus

The European Business Support Centre in Cyprus is part of the European network "Enterprise Europe Network" and serves as the focal point for the provision of information and advisory services in order to support the development of competitiveness and innovation of Cypriot businesses.

The aim of the European Business Support Centre in Cyprus is to provide business support services and play an important role in:

  • ensuring access of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to information relating to the operation of the internal market and available opportunities
  • providing feedback from SMEs for policy development and impact assessment,
  • providing support to enterprises for cross-border cooperation,
  • disseminating information and raising awareness of innovation-related policies, legislation and support programmes,
  • promoting the exploitation of results from research programmes,
  • providing brokering services for technology and knowledge transfer and,
  • building partnerships between innovation actors. 

The Centre in Cyprus provides:

  • Information, feedback and business cooperation
  • Innovation, technology and knowledge transfer
  • Research support and technological development for SMEs

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