Representation in Cyprus

DGT Field Office Nicosia

The Nicosia Field Office of the Directorate-General for Translation has been operating at the Representation of the European Commission in Cyprus since January 2007. In addition to providing translation and other language-related services to the Representation, the DGT Field Office

  • organises conferences and events for the general public in the context of the celebrations for the European Day of Languages on 26 September, International Mother Language Day on 21 February or other events;

  • organises specialised conferences, workshops and other events on the topics of translation, language and terminology in the context of the #TranslatingEurope project of the Directorate-General for Translation;

  • promotes other flagship initiatives of the Directorate-General for Translation such as the translation contest for schools Juvenes Translatores and the European Master's in Translation (EMT);

  • promotes and develops the Hellenic Network for Terminology and co-operates with actors from the Cypriot public and private sector to improve the quality of translation and terminology in the European institutions and to maintain and enhance the distinctive "Cypriot" features of the written word in EU documents;

  • participates in information events in schools and universities to promote the translation profession in Cyprus and the learning of foreign languages;

  • fosters and maintains contacts with local stakeholders (ministries, language teachers, translators and/or interpreters) with a view to the further development of the translation profession and the translation market;

  • replies to questions of the general public or specific questions concerning the language policy of the European Commission;

  • informs the Directorate-General for Translation about significant developments in the fields of languages and translation in Cyprus; and

  • participates in actions of the Representation focusing on education and youth, e.g. EU Back to School, information lectures on the European Union, etc.

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