The European Commission has signed joint declarations on further cultural cooperation and dialogue with a number of strategic partners, including Brazil, China, India, and Mexico.


A Joint Declaration was signed with the Brazilian government in 2009 and the EU and Brazil have sought to reinforce co-operation and the EU and Brazil further deepened their cooperation through the 2011-14 Joint Programme on Culture , which identified the following areas of common interest as a basis for policy dialogue:

  • promoting and implementing the 2005 UNESCO Convention on the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions,
  • developing the cultural and creative economy and its industries
  • promoting cooperation on cultural heritage and museums.

A variety of EU-Brazil cooperation projects had previously been funded, in 2008, under a "special action" of the Culture programme.


Cooperation with China in the field of culture over the past decade has taken various forms, from policy dialogue to joint initiatives.

There have been a number of policy achievements, including the adoption of:

In addition to policy dialogue, the EU and China have also carried out a variety of projects and programmes, including:


In 2010, the EU and India signed a Joint Declaration undertaking to strengthen cooperation and dialogue in the field of culture. This was followed up in 2013 with the first EU-India Senior Officials' Meeting on Culture.

Prior to that, a variety of EU-India cooperation projects had been funded under the "special action" of the Culture Programme.


The EU and Mexico signed a Joint Declaration in 2009 on greater cooperation in the field of culture. An EU-Mexico Cultural Fund was also established, and a variety of EU-Mexico cooperation projects were funded in 2011 under a "special action" of the Culture Programme

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