What is it?

The culture sector is mapped to identify the strategies, policies, initiatives, organisations, and individuals active in the sector.

Why is it needed?

Mapping is an essential process both for the definition of relevant policy and the identification of effective measures in support of the culture sector.

As noted in a report on cultural and creative industries , the current information at the disposal of the European Commission is insufficent for developing policies or initiatives to support the sector.

In order to ensure that policy and actions to support the culture sector can be effective, the Commission uses mapping to identify best practices, build the evidence-base for policy, and engage with representatives from the sector.

What has been done so far?

A variety of initiatives and exercises have, to date, been carried out, including:

What are the next steps?

Efforts to map the culture sector continuey through the activities of the working groups and Member States, as well as under the Creative Europe programme, which provides opportunities for initiatives, networks, and platforms in the sector.

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