What is it about?

Many sectors, including the culture sector, receive assistance from the European Commission. This can take the form of direct financial assistance, technical or advisory assistance, or supporting the development of platforms and networks.

Why is it needed?

The culture sector, although a source of great potential for economic growth and job creation, suffers from a lack of support, a shortage of relevant skills, and a lack of representation in other sectors.

The success of culture is also closely linked to a variety of other sectors, such as tax and finance, the environment, and intellectual property.

Without support to structure the sector, establish cross-sector and international networks and platforms, and enable it to effectively ensure representation in the appropriate fora, the culture sector will remain undervalued.

What is the EC's role?

The EC supports the culture sector by:

  • managing initiatives and programmes to promote cultural development;
  • strengthening the evidence-base for policy making;
  • helping identify best practices and policies.

With regard to best practices, one of the core roles of the Commission is to assist with the development of suitable strategies for intervention in the culture sector, as noted in the policy handbook for cultural and creative industries .

What has been achieved so far?

In addition to the handbook, the previous Culture and MEDIA programmes, and the establishment of a Policy Learning Platform through the European Creative Industries Alliance, the EC has supported the culture sector through the following programmes and schemes:

The Commission also supports a variety of initiatives and actions to promote cultural activities and recognise achievements in the field.

What are the next steps?

Support for the culture sector will continue under the aforementioned programmes, as well as the Creative Europe and Erasmus+ programmes. Other Commission initiatives and programmes in support of the culture sector include:

In addition to this, the European Commission supports the culture sector through the European Service Innovation Centre, providing advisory support to regional organisations on service innovation and creativity, as well as establishing a European Experience Economy Alliance to foster cross-sector cooperation.

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