• Status: Past from 29-09-2014 to 29-09-2014

Τhe EU funded project @diversity– innovative ideas for the cultural and creative sectors in Europe is closing with a high-level exchange forum in Brussels on 29 September. Apply for participation by 9 September.

Date & venue

29 September 2014, Flagey, Brussels


The @diversity - innovative ideas for the cultural and creative sectors in Europe is a two-year pilot project initiated by the European Parliament and DG EAC of the European Commission and implemented by a Consortium composed of peacefulfish, MFG and Kennisland. It aims at testing new approaches for dealing with content for innovation and digital sharing and distribution.


@diversity invites about 100 cultural and creative entrepreneurs, researchers, financiers, IT experts and policy makers to a vivid exchange forum about entrepreneurship, the use of technology and access to finance in the cultural and creative sectors.

The aim of the event is to develop recommendations on how to improve the conditions for cultural entrepreneurship in Europe, foster the involvement of technology in the cultural and creative sectors, improve the skills of entrepreneurs and enhance their abilities in seeking finance for prototype development and the establishment of a company.

@diversity identified clear challenges throughout the entire project. Now, it is time to discuss with you such findings and develop together direct recommendations to the European Commission: • Is there a lack of entrepreneurial and technical skills in the CCIs?• Which "capacity building schemes" can help to overcome it?• Does innovative use of technology creates scalability for the CCIs? • How can we create collaborative environments for ICT and CCI professionals?• Which are the financing needs of the CCIs? • Which accelerator schemes can cover their needs?


Apply now for a place at The Creative Shift Forum- deadline: 9 September 2014