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Published:  20 Dec 2021

Winners of the Young European Heritage Makers Competition selected

The European Commission announced the 2021 winners of the Young European Heritage Makers under the joint action European Heritage Days.

A young woman sitting next to an art installation talking to some children

From 1 September to 10 November 2021 young Europeans from 9 participating countries expressed their vision of heritage through more than 60 testimonies.

Young European Heritage Makers Competition

The competition invites children and high schoolers to explore their surroundings, learn about their local tangible and intangible cultural heritage and share a story of Europe. This initiative enhances young people’s understanding of the concept of heritage and its relevance for local communities.

The 2021 edition of the competition brought together participants from 9 countries:

  • Finland
  • Iceland
  • Latvia
  • Montenegro
  • North Macedonia
  • Russia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Ukraine

These are the winners

After a first selection at national level in 2 age categories, the national winners were evaluated by a European panel of judges.

In 2021, 11 European winners have been awarded in based on the relevance, quality and creativity of their heritage-awareness raising projects.

Age category 6-11 years old

  • Penkule Parish Researchers (Latvia) Penkules pagasta pētnieki (Penkule Parish Researchers)
  • The Mäntylä preschoolers visions of their cultural heritage (Finland) Mäntylän ryhmän eskarilaisten näkemyksiä omasta kulttuuriperinnöstään
  • Pupils of the Primary school subsidiary in Vrtovin discover the cultural heritage of their village (Slovenia) Pupils of the Primary School Subsidiary in Vrtovin discover the cultural heritage of their village
  • And now what? (Spain)
  • Visiting Kula Redzepagica museum (Montenegro)

Age category 11-17 years old

  • Apple (Slovenia) Jabolko
  • Chernikiv is European city without barriers and borders in time and space (Ukraine) Чернігів – європейське місто без бар’єрів та кордонів у часі та просторі
  • Brigene Manor (Latvia) Briģenes muiža - Kultūras mantojums
  • Memories Movie (Montenegro)
  • The family of a reindeer herder from the village of Kazim (Russia) Портрет семьи оленевода из поселка Казым
  • The Latin Alphabet - Latinalaiset aakkoset (Finland)

The winners were invited to participate at an online event on 9 December.

Check out all the participants and their projects


The European Heritage Days (EHD) are the most widely celebrated participatory cultural events shared by people living in Europe. With up to 70 000 events organized every year in the 50 European States signatory to the European Cultural Convention and attracting up to 30 million visitors.

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Published:  20 Dec 2021