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Culture and Creativity

We are currently in the process of translating this page into other official EU languages.

Published:  6 Aug 2020

A new website for Europe’s culture

A revamped Culture website is now online to better promote the EU’s cultural richness and diversity.

Screengrab of the new Culture homepage

Here, at the European Commission’s culture department (DG EAC) we have been working around the clock for the past couple of months revamping the Culture website. If you are a returning visitor, you might have noticed the change.

The revamp of the Culture website was long overdue. Now with cultural heritage and culture linking to a number of the Commission’s priorities and with the new 2021-2027 Creative Europe programme foreseen for adoption later this year, this is the right moment to do this work. Reflecting on the new reality of the coronavirus pandemic, it is also our highest priority to offer straightforward information on what the European Commission does to alleviate the effects of the pandemic on the cultural and creative sectors.

Creating a more accessible website

You may have noticed that the website has changed on the outside, but we have worked hard so that the website meets accessibility standards and runs on all devices and browsers.

While we continue to provide information to Europe’s cultural and creative sectors, we are aware that we also need to talk in a language that is closer and more accessible to the public. This means for example writing about the enormous contribution the sectors make to everyday life or about challenges and opportunities that exist for culture and creativity in Europe.

A website that speaks to everyone

We will keep working on this by making core content available in all official EU languages. We kindly ask for your patience as translation work advances.

The website already reflects a new, sector-based approach. Starting from September and in line with the priorities of the European Commission, we will release new sections dedicated to the many efforts of the Commission to safeguard and enhance Europe's cultural heritage through a number of policies and programmes.

We also continue working on how to better present the results of Commission and EU policies: good practices from past projects funded either through the Creative Europe programme or through pilot projects and preparatory actions co-founded by the European Union and administered by DG EAC.

Published:  6 Aug 2020