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Published:  16 Sep 2020

Meet the winners of our summer photo competition

How are you exploring Europe’s culture and heritage this summer? The Creative Europe team at the European Commission asked this question on social media to the followers. Here are the top 3 entries from the 230 received.

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The photo competition was part of the European Commission’s social media campaign “Europe’s culture close to you”, focusing on sustainable cultural tourism in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. The objective of the campaign was to highlight local, regional and European heritage and culture, encouraging Europeans to explore offerings close to their homes.

The social media team in the Directorate General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (DG EAC) asked participants to submit photos and stories of their favourite cultural summer memories.

230 people sent entries to the competition, covering everything from visits to iconic heritage sites and museums to rural landscapes and digital experiences.

Here are the 3 winners

  • Dimi Pateraki
  • Ozan Kocak
  • Kristina Popova

From classical Greek architecture to impressive lakeside scenery at the Austro-Italian border and traditional Bulgarian village life – the winners of our Europe’s culture close to you photo competition truly capture the beauty and diversity of summer in Europe.

A special selection committee chose the winners based on the quality of their photos and short stories:

Dimi Pateraki

"Europe’s Culture – close to you" campaign winner

“As a person who seeks change exploring hidden corners of Europe has always been my summer getaway. The restrictions caused by the global pandemic gave me the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of my home country Greece. Situated between the olive trees and the Aegean Sea, the Temple of Poseidon combines the tranquillity of nature with the cultural heritage of ancient Greek mythology – especially at sunset. For me, the experience of being there and sharing the experience with the tourists is a great example of European unity.”

Ozan Kocak

"Europe’s Culture – close to you" competition winner

“After the lockdown we went visiting new places in Europe with my friends. At the border between Austria and Italy, we found the Lake Resia, which seems to be taken from a fantasy film. Europe is full of wonderful destinations, each with a unique charm and culture. All we need to do is discover it! (This year with our masks of course).”

Kristina Popova

"Europe’s Culture – close to you" competition winner

“History lies not only in magnificent monuments, but also in the small villages that have preserved their culture over the years. This summer we visited the village of Yagodina in southwest Bulgaria and this trip showed us how the inhabitants living remotely high up in the mountains have preserved the traditions and crafts. These little houses carry their history and will tell it to anyone who dares to reach them. They show how, even in difficult times, people have remained close to traditions and culture here.”

Published:  16 Sep 2020

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