European Commission launches Cultural Heritage In Action programme

European Commission launches Cultural Heritage In Action programme

Wed, 26/02/2020 - 11:02


Cultural Heritage In Action is a peer-learning programme for local and regional policymakers to exchange knowledge on cultural heritage. The focus of this programme is on participatory governance, adaptive reuse and the quality of interventions.

What is cultural heritage in action?

The aim of the European Commission with this programme is to empower cities and regions to strengthen their cultural heritage policies and initiatives and to develop innovative solutions to preserve cultural heritage assets.

The peer-learning programme is one of the actions of the Commission’s European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage building on the momentum created by the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage.

The consortium led by EUROCITIES with its partners

is managing the programme between January 2020 and April 2021. The funding is received from the European Commission’s Creative Europe Programme.

What will happen?

Cultural Heritage In Action will produce a catalogue of 30 good practices from cities, regions, non-urban and rural areas across the European Union and will organise 12 peer-learning visits bringing together 20+ participants per visit.

How can you take part?

Cultural Heritage In Action is looking for 30 local practices that are innovative, inspiring for other cities and regions and have a real impact on the ground.

A call is currently open until 27 April 2020 to identify 30 practices that will be featured in a catalogue.

At the beginning of March, EUROCITIES will organise an information webinar on the project.

In June 2020, a call for participation in peer-learning visits will be launched. This will be open to representatives from local and regional authorities and to cultural heritage stakeholders.

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