Celebrate cultural heritage with vocational education and training

Celebrate cultural heritage with vocational education and training

Mon, 18/09/2017 - 17:09


Did you know that 2018 will be the European Year of Cultural Heritage? Find out more about this and how the vocational education and training sector can contribute to it, from embroidery in Cyprus to restoration work in Slovakia. 

The European Year of Cultural Heritage will highlight the strategic role that cultural heritage plays for Europe: cultural heritage is not only a means to understand our past, it is also an asset for our future. The year will bring the richness of Europe's heritage into the fore, highlighting its many social and economic benefits. It will also be an opportunity to highlight how important vocational education and training is to preserve, protect and share this heritage. Erasmus+ projects are contributing to this effort towards a sustainable heritage in many different ways.

Many young people are using mobility opportunities offered by the programme to learn new crafts and skills in other countries. GRAMPUS Heritage and Training Limited organises a number of placements in the field of traditional skills to ‘focus on the significance of re-introducing European traditional crafts that are at risk of being lost forever with an ever-increasing technically advanced society’. Examples of current open placements include learning about ancient traditions of embroidery, mosaic and pottery in Cyprus, or restoration work in Slovakia.

Organisations involved in preserving and presenting cultural heritage also use opportunities offered by the programme to develop their staff skills, share good practices and share knowledge. The Rediapro project, focussing on the authentic preservation of monuments, published a study about the future of building crafts and is sharing lots of beautiful video portraits of traditional craftsmen and women, in a great number of languages.

If you would like to discover more projects related to cultural heritage, do not hesitate to browse the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform and get inspired!