Creative hubs can provide answers to the challenges the cultural and creative sectors are facing today.

By facilitating co-creation, creative hubs can help to cope with the sharing economy. In some countries, creative hubs also provide valuable solutions to the high rates of youth unemployment by providing not only an inspiring working environment, useful contacts and also to keep up self-esteem and the creative spirit in difficult times.

The increasing attractiveness of the concept of creative hubs in the EU can help breathe new life into declined industrial areas, enhance tourism and investment, and provide educational opportunities as well as cultural spaces.

What we hope to do with this project is to:

  • reinforce Europe-wide networks of creative hubs
  • strengthen transnational and cross-sectoral cooperation within the cultural and creative industries via digital means
  • enhance exchanges of experience and best practice between EU creative hubs and between cultural and creative sectors
  • capacity building for creative hub managers and cultural and creative professionals and entrepreneurs
  • lessons and conclusions for further policymaking (on innovative business models, innovative schemes etc.)

The project will run for two years, from February 2016 to February 2018.

The contract was awarded to a consortium composed of the following organisations:

  • British Council (leader)
  • European Business and Innovation Centre Network, EBN
  • Addict - AgĂȘncia para o Desenvolvimento das IndĂșstrias Criativas, Portugal
  • Bios - Exploring Urban Culture, Greece
  • Betahaus GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
  • Kulturni Kod, Serbia
  • Creative Edinburgh Limited, UK
  • Factoria Cultural - Vivero de Industrias Creativas, Spain