New Work Plan for Culture adopted

New Work Plan for Culture adopted

Thu, 27/11/2014 - 01:11


The Work Plan for Culture (2015-2018) addresses key challenges faced by cultural organisations and small and medium sized enterprises in the creative sector at national and EU level in the context of globalisation and digitisation. The four-year plan builds on the European Agenda for Culture and sets out priorities for promoting access to culture and audience development. It focuses on how to best manage Europe's cultural heritage, foster creativity and innovation in the cultural and creative sectors, and raise the profile of culture in EU's external relations.

The implementation will start in January 2015.

Around 20 concrete actions will be pursued along the following priorities:

A. Accessible and inclusive culture;B. Cultural heritage;C. Cultural and creative sectors: creative economy and innovation;D. Promotion of cultural diversity, culture in EU external relations and mobility.

A joint work on ensuring comparable quality statistics on culture is a horizontal priority of this Work Plan.

The Open Method of Coordination will remain the main working method of cooperation among Member States in the field of culture. In addition, other working methods include ad-hoc expert groups or thematic seminars convened by the Commission, stock-taking meetings informal meetings of officials from Ministries of Culture and Ministries of Foreign Affairs as well as conferences, studies and peer learning initiatives.