New Head of the MEDIA Unit appointed

New Head of the MEDIA Unit appointed

Mon, 18/08/2014 - 02:08


Spanish born Lucia Recalde Langarica has been appointed Head of the MEDIA unit in the Directorate General for Education and Culture, replacing Xavier Troussard, who left the DG this summer to join the European Research Centre, as of 01/09/2014.

Lucia Recalde Langarica is already a part of the management of DG EAC as Head of Unit for "Higher Education, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the EIT (the European Institute for Innovation and Technology)", and was responsible for the set-up and the development of the EIT since its inception in 2006. Asked about the appointment, Ms. Langarica responded:

"I am thrilled about taking up the Creative Europe- MEDIA unit in DG EAC. The Creative Europe / MEDIA sub-programme has been designed to strengthen competitiveness and to increase cultural diversity in the European audiovisual sector.

Europe's film industry is a magnet to nurture and attract talent from Europe and beyond and offers an untapped potential to develop new products, services and business models while being a catalyst of European integration and values and a reflection of Europe's rich cultural diversity.

I very much look forward to this new professional challenge; the setting up of the Guarantee Facility of Creative Europe, which will boost access to finance for hundreds of small and the successful companies and organizations, the launch of the European Film Forum and the continuous adaptation of the programme to new developments in the industry are key priorities for the coming months."

Ms. Langarica holds a degree in Political Science and Law from the University in Madrid, as well as a Master's degree in European Studies and a certificate in business administration, both from universities in Brussels (ULB and VUB).

She started her career as policy officer at the Directorate of European Affairs of the Basque Government. Between 1995 and 2006 she served in DG Employment and Social Affairs in various positions.

Michel Magnier, the Director for Creative Europe in EAC welcomes the new Head of the MEDIA Unit of Creative Europe with the following words:

"I am very pleased to be able to welcome Lucia to Creative Europe. She is known as one of the best managers in our directorate general. Even though she has not had previous experience in the cinema sector, she is a quick learner, and I am sure she will catch up soon.

She is joining the unit at a very challenging moment, with major political changes in the EU institutions as well as new developments in the audiovisual and cinema sectors.

I am looking forward to working with her as of 1st September."