Culture in EU External Relations – For a Creative Diplomacy

Culture in EU External Relations – For a Creative Diplomacy

Thu, 25/02/2016 - 01:02


>Culture in EU External Relations - For a Creative Diplomacy >(219 kB) > >English ( en >) by: Philippe Kern, 7th of October 2013

“The priority should be to seek support for ambitious projects: projects that give resonance to the European project and its collaborative nature. Our statements should not entertain the fallacy of “independent nations” whilst globalization requires to address the existence of local identities, cultural expression and productions.It is not enough to “open dialogues”. This smacks complacency and lack of imagination. Asia and America’s dominance should be liberating and give Europe the position of engaging citizens throughout the world in a disruptive way with all its creative capacity (that is now probably superior to its military capacity).”

We are happy to present this article by Philippe Kern, who wrote it “just because he got inspired”, and presents you very interesting perspectives on the role and potential of culture in EU external relations in a clear and outspoken manner, which is appreciated:“Why is European cinema absent from Chinese screens? Why is Europe incapable of projecting its images in the rest of the world. It would be a mistake to take culture only as a communication tool. Culture is an economic, trade and social resource that should also be mobilised in foreign affairs.”