What was it?

The Resolution on the cultural dimensions of the EU's external actions, adopted by the European Parliament in May 2011, called for the development of a common EU strategy on culture in EU external relations. The European Parliament also voted a budget of €500,000 for a “preparatory action” in this field.

The European Commission commissioned a consortium of cultural institutes and organisations led by the Goethe Institute to carry out this preparatory action from 2013-2014.

What did it involve?

The initiative consisted of an extensive mapping and consultation process which involved a wide variety of stakeholders from inside and outside the EU. The results of this process were also discussed at a high-level conference, which was held in Brussels on 7-8 April 2014.

This initiative covered 54 countries:

  • the EU Member States,
  • the Neighbouring countries of the EU: Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, Ukraine
  • the 10 strategic partners of the EU: Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, South Korea and the United States of America.

What were the results?

The results and recommendations for a strategic approach to culture in the EU’s external relations are presented in the final report of the preparatory action . An executive summary of the report   is also available.

The report is complemented by 23 country reports and 3 context notes, which describe the cultural situation, the potential, and the challenges in the respective countries, focusing on strengthened cultural relations with the EU

Country reports



Context notes