What is it about?

The pilot project on the economy of cultural diversity (@diversity) is an initiative launched in 2013 to test new approaches for dealing with content for innovation and digital sharing and distribution.

The project intends to contribute to easing online access to culture, cultural heritage, and cultural literacy, promoting cultural diversity in the digital environment.

How is this being done?

Through the project, 12 new and untested ideas have been selected and promoted, with the aim of feeding reflection on online access to culture.

These ideas will be designed to make innovative use of information and communication technologies to produce, make available, distribute, or extract value from cultural content.

The winners, selected by means of an open Idea Competition, were announced at the European Culture Forum in November 2013, and include:

The winners benefit from professional coaching in a variety of fields to help develop their ideas, culminating in an on-site workshop to pitch their ideas to stakeholders and investors.

What has been achieved so far?

The Idea Competition and Award Ceremony

  • The Competition gathered 263 applications from around Europe
  • A high-level jury composed of experts from the cultural and creative sectors selected 12 winners out of 50 nominees
  • An Award Ceremony, featuring Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou was held in Brussels on 05/11/2013, jointly with the European Culture Forum

Coaching and consulting

  • The @diversity winners participated in an innovative coaching workshop in Berlin in January, where they were initiated in strategy planning, business modelling, accesss to finance, and technology.
  • From 02-09/2014, the winers are offered free online consulting on the @diversity platform by highly-recognised sector experts
What are the next steps?

The project will close in Autumn 2014.

The Final Seminar, @diversity: The Creative Shift Forum At the Crossroads of Culture, Entrepreneurship and Technology will take place in Brussels on 29/09/2014. It will share experiences and lessons learnt from a 2-year competition and incubation program that transformed innovative ideas for the cultural industries into new business models to find private funding.

The goal is to develop practical recommendations for EU policy-makers, through a bottom-up process, in order to improve the conditions for cultural entrepreneurs to setup new companies in Europe and to foster the appliance of modern information and communication technologies to improve the competiveness of the cultural and creative sector in Europe.

More information is available on the website of the pilot project.

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