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Orfeo and Majnun

Orfeo & Majnun (O&M) is an inclusive, intercultural and multilingual music theatre project developed with a participatory community-driven approach, funded under the Creative Europe programme.

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O&M is characterised by a strong interdisciplinary nature, combining multiple art forms and aiming to address different social, cultural and urban challenges. It involves communities, professional and citizen artists, as well as groups in risk of social exclusion.

Starting from the combination of two ancient myths (the Greek myth of Orfeo and Eurydice and the Arab love story of Layla), the project aims to develop and present a music theatre piece incorporating an interdisciplinary and participatory community-driven approach, by promoting opportunities for a common interpretation of the two myths, mutual understanding and cultural transfer. In this context, the project plays with the cultural differences and similarities and it requires a process of exploration of the different cultures that can be found in the two myths.

The project is divided into two parts, the first one is aimed at creating a travelling exhibition where citizens can showcase their artistic crafts in the different cities of the partner organisations. The second part of the project focuses on a theatre and musical performance written from the perspective of Layla and Eurydice, and thus combining occidental and oriental music and myths, considered as intangible cultural heritage and providing opportunities to bring together people of diverse background. The performance features both professional performers and musicians as well as non-professionals.