Flash session V

Our Future European Cultural Heritage: Engage, Share, Co-create

19 APRIL 2016
17:15 - 18:30

Cultural heritage is more than a passive inheritance. Its survival depends on the efforts of every generation to re-discover and re-interpret it. Its maintenance depends on our capacity to renew people's sense of belonging and responsibility, by placing it at heart of community interaction. Its sustainability depends on our ability to adopt new cross-cutting approaches to unlock its economic and social potential, turning heritage sites into drivers of economic activity, centres of knowledge, focal points of creativity, culture and social innovation.

How the European Union can help the heritage sector to move with the times, responding to the challenges posed by globalisation and digitisation? How can we ensure that the transmission of knowledge and skills in heritage will not be broken? How can we encourage the young generations to make the best of this valuable resource for their future? How can we engage all actors, local communities and stakeholders and develop innovative forms of governance of our common heritage? How can Europe support heritage sites to build a narrative and promote the values they wish to embody?

The session – moderated by the European Commission, will update on recent policy developments and ongoing activities, including the European Heritage label, the EU Prize for cultural heritage/ Europa Nostra awards, the European Heritage days and the OMC Working group on participatory governance of cultural heritage. The session will also highlight the examples of successful projects which are funded by Creative Europe.

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  5. Our Future European Cultural Heritage: Engage, Share, Co-create

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