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Join us in 2018 for the European Year of Cultural Heritage, an unprecedented year of events and celebrations.

Cultural heritage is the fabric of our lives and societies. It surrounds us in the buildings of our towns and cities and is expressed through natural landscapes and archaeological sites.

It is not only made up of literature, art and objects but also by the crafts we learn, the stories we tell, the food we eat and the films we watch.

Cultural heritage brings communities together and builds shared understandings of the places we live in. The digital world too, is transforming the way we access heritage.


What's in store?

2018 will see activities and initiatives all around Europe to get people interested and involved in cultural heritage.

From December 2017, a newsletter will be sent out every two months.


Take part in the European year

Throughout 2018, events putting Europe’s cultural heritage in the spotlight will take place all over Europe.

Using the European Year of Cultural Heritage label for your event is your opportunity to contribute.

How to label your event

Aims of the year

The European Year of Cultural Heritage aims to:

  • encourage people to explore Europe's rich and diverse cultural heritage
  • celebrate, understand and protect its unique value
  • reflect on the place that cultural heritage occupies in all our lives

European cultural heritage allows us to understand the past and to look to our future. By highlighting cultural heritage in 2018, we will emphasise:

  • how it builds stronger societies
  • how it creates jobs and prosperity
  • its importance for our relations with the rest of the world
  • what can be done to protect it


What's new?

22 November 2017 - Call for projects related to the European Year of Cultural Heritage closes at 12:00 (CET)

18 September 2017 - Call for Support for cooperation projects related to the European Year of Cultural Heritage published

13 July 2017 - Commission adopts proposal for a regulation on imports of cultural goods

6 July 2017 - Do you know that cultural heritage is also about nature? Newly published Natura 2000 Report

11 May 2017 - Decision on the European Year of Cultural Heritage entered into force

30 August 2016 - Commission proposes the year

Key dates

7-8 December 2017 - Official launch at the European Culture Forum

January until December 2018 - Events and activities around Europe

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