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Monitoring and evaluation of the European Heritage Label


The Panel of the European Heritage Label, which is composed by independent experts, monitors the labelled sites on a regular basis in cooperation with participating Member States. The purpose of the monitoring is to ensure that labelled sites continue to meet the criteria for the attribution of the Label.

Monitoring takes place in accordance with the calendar set out in the Annex of the Decision No 1194/2011/EU establishing the action.

Highlights of the 2020 monitoring report

In 2020, the European Panel carried out the second monitoring of the European Heritage Label sites and endorsed the following key conclusions and recommendations:

All sites meet the initial selection criteria

The panel has concluded that all 38 sites monitored in 2020 continue to meet the criteria for the award of the European Heritage Label. This is thanks to their activities to strengthen European citizens’ sense of belonging to the Union, in particular that of young people, and to build intercultural dialogue.

From 4 to 48 labelled sites

Since the first selection in 2013, the number of European Heritage Label sites has grown from 4 to 48 and the number of participating Member states from 5 to 25. The last 7 years have seen an increasing number of fruitful collaborations between European Heritage Label sites as well as with other partners, including educational institutions.

A flexible action that facilitates cooperation

A key-success factor of European Heritage Label is that the action provides opportunities for simultaneously top-down, horizontal and bottom up interactions between the different actors, including the European Commission, European Heritage Label sites’ representatives, National coordinators and the European Panel. These interactions facilitate different forms of communication and cooperation between the participants of the European Heritage Label action.

Selected sites need more support to increase their recognition

Ultimately, the European Panel recommended that the European Commission give more support to the European Heritage Label sites and Network in order to reach an even higher level of integration and increased international recognition.

Find the 2020 and previous monitoring reports of the European Heritage Label at the end of this page.

Evaluation of the European Heritage Label action

An expert committee carried out the first evaluation of the European Heritage Label action in 2018. The evaluation looked into implementation progress from 2011 to 2017.

Evaluations looked at

  • relevance
  • coherence
  • efficiency
  • governance
  • effectiveness
  • EU added value

The report found that the main objectives of the action – strengthening people’s sense of belonging to the Union and fostering intercultural dialogue – are highly relevant to the current needs to the EU.

The report recommends that the action should be widened by developing and communicating the sites’ European narratives, helping sites to work closer together, and contributing to their capacity building.