Call for proposals EAC/S23/2017




In line with Regulation No 1295/2013, the 2018 Annual Work Programme for the implementation of the Creative Europe programme foresees the launch of a call for proposals for cultural and creative spaces and cities. This call will support innovation in the cultural and creative sectors, with EUR 1,5 million allocated to the development of an action addressing this specific objective. The grant agreement resulting from this call for proposals will be allocated to one single project.

As specified in the Work Programme, the present action addresses creative hubs (A creative hub is an infrastructure or venue that uses a part of its leasable or available space for networking, organisational and business development to the cultural and creative sectors. Many co-working spaces in the creative sector also refer to themselves as "creative hubs"), which have recently and rapidly developed in numerous cities throughout the EU. Apart from creative hubs, the present action should provide support to cultural and creative spaces as well as other stakeholders in particular at the local level, including local, municipal and regional authorities.

The present call for proposals aims at strengthening existing networks and individual cultural and creative stakeholders, facilitate the interaction among them, two-way hands-on policy learning with concrete results, studies and examples of best practice.

Proposals should show how the following objectives will be pursued by the action:

  • Bring closer together cultural and creative spaces and local decision-makers
  • Help to better valorise public spaces for social and urban regeneration through culture
  • Share best practice concerning social inclusion and the relations of cultural and creative spaces with their neighbourhoods
  • Explore and share best practice of cultural and creative spaces with aspects of the collaborative economy and innovative models for the delivery of public services

The proposal should contain information as to how it intends to build on the results achieved and the policy lessons derived from previous actions funded under the cross-sectoral strand (European Network of Creative Hubs and Culture for Cities and Regions), other relevant projects such as the Trans-Europe Halles network and "Creative Lenses" , funded under the Creative Europe Programme, the European Network of Cultural Centres (ENCC) as well as on the successful experiences of urban regeneration driven by a number of European Capitals of Culture (ECOC).

The planned duration of the project shall be 28 months. The planned starting date should be no later than 31 October 2018.


Guidelines for the call for proposals (pdf format)


  • Grant application form .doc - .pdf - .odt
    • Annex I Declaration of honour .doc - .pdf - .odt
    • Annex II Mandate letters (if applicable) .doc - .pdf - .odt
    • Annex III Budget template .xlsx - .pdf
    • Annex IV List of previous projects .doc - .pdf - .odt
    • Annex V List of CVs .doc - .pdf - .odt
    • Other supporting documents to be provided where applicable: see checklist for applicants
  • Checklist for Applicants .doc - .pdf - .odt
  • Model Grant Agreement .doc - .pdf - .odt
    • Annex I Description of the action (will be extracted for the proposal)
    • Annex II General Conditions (“the General Conditions”) (pdf format)
    • Annex III Estimated budget (will be the budget template filled-in) .xlsx - .pdf
    • Annex IV Model technical report .doc - .pdf - .odt
    • Annex V Model financial statement .xlsx - .pdf
    • Annex VI Model terms of reference for the certificate on the financial statements: not applicable
    • Annex VII Model terms of reference for the certificate on the compliance of the cost accounting practices: not applicable
    • Annex VIII List of supporting documents .xls - .pdf


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