This pilot project aims at creating a Platform that will gather existing networks of young entrepreneurs active in the cultural and creative sectors in the EU and in third countries and that will facilitate the creation of new ones. The Platform will enable connections/exchanges between professionals from Europe and third countries and help a new generation of creative professionals to accelerate their professional development.

The Platform would be sub-divided by sectors of activities and will include services such as coaching, peer-learning activities, conferences on specific topics, study visits and participation in match-making events with representatives of cultural and creative sectors around the world.

This pilot project builds on a number of Commission and European Parliament initiatives, in particular the Preparatory Action on Culture in External Relations. The final report of the Preparatory Action highlighted that there is a real interest among young entrepreneurs and players in the cultural and creative industries in third countries to network and engage with their European counterparts and leading practitioners in their sectors. This report included, as part of its recommendations, the setting up of a young creative entrepreneurs networking programme with third countries.


The contract was awarded to a consortium composed of the following organisations:

  • Inovamais - Servicios de Consultadoria em Inovaçãos Tecnológicas S.A (leader),
  • Kea European Affairs,
  • Addict – Agência para o Desenvolvimento das Indústrias Criativas,
  • Visiting Arts,
  • Librios Limited,
  • Fonds Roberto Cimetta,
  • Elia – The European League of Institutes of the Arts.



The full tender dossierzip(2.91 Mb) includes the following:



Responses to questions from potential applicantspdf(234 kB)  (version 6 of 11/09/2015)

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