In line with Regulation No 1295/2013, the Creative Europe Annual Work Programme for 2015pdf includes the launch of a call for proposals in order to build on experimental business models and to help spread their knowledge and facilitate their dissemination.

To this end, support will be provided to set up an EU-wide network of creative hubs and co-working spaces for cultural and creative professionals and entrepreneurs. A creative hub is an infrastructure or venue that uses a part of its leasable or available space for networking, organisational and business development to the cultural and creative sectors. Many co-working spaces in the creative sector refer to themselves as "creative hubs".

Through the current call, the following should be achieved:

  • reinforced networks of creative hubs at EU level,
  • strengthened trans-national and cross-sectoral cooperation within the cultural and creative sectors via digital means,
  • enhanced exchanges of experience and best practice between EU creative hubs and between cultural and creative sectors,
  • capacity-building provided to creative hub managers and cultural and creative professionals and entrepreneurs, and
  • lessons and conclusions drawn for further policy making (on innovative business models, innovative schemes etc.).


The contract was awarded to a consortium composed of the following organisations:

  • British Council (leader),
  • European Business and Innovation Centre Network,
  • Bios Exploring Urban Culture,
  • Addict - Agência para o Desenvolvimento das Indústrias Criativas,
  • Betahaus GmbH & Co. KG, Kulturni Kod,
  • Creative Edinburgh Limited,
  • Factoria Cultural – Vivero de Industrias Creativas. 



The full tender dossierzip(2.5 Mb) includes the following:



Responses to questions from potential applicantspdf(277 kB)  (version 10 published on 09/09/2015)

Call Status


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