Weekly overview report of RAPEX notifications

Week 8 - 2004

No. Notifying Member States Product
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Danger Measures adopted by
notifying country
01 Germany Household electrical goods: Electric Samovar.
Brand: AKER.
Model: AES, EAN 8697406091101.
The power connector is loose and not insulated: a wire from the power cord could touch the metal body leading to a risk of electric shock. Protection is needed against possible risks triggered by external factors since the flow rate is too high for the samovar's volume and relatively poor stability. There is no CE mark to indicate conformity with safety requirements. Important information needed for safe operation is not indicated on the product plate, and instructions in German for safe use are not supplied. Injunction against the distributor. National ban on the marketing and display of the device.
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02 France Luminous imitation dummies.
Product name : None, or "Totoche lumineuse", "I am baby, I need to be loved", "Pacifier", "Flashing Nipple", "Cry Baby", etc.
These products could be mistaken for babies' dummies/pacifiers.
Risk of suffocation
: the product has several small components which could be swallowed, causing the child to suffocate.
Risk of asphyxia
: air holes in the shielding are too small and inadequate for sufficient ventilation if the dummy is ingested, putting the child at risk of asphyxia. The shielding itself is too small, increasing the risk of ingestion.
Risk of strangulation
: the cord is too long.
The authorities have ordered a general suspension of the importation and sale of luminous dummies marketed as pendants for adults or as toys for children above the age of three.
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