Weekly overview report of RAPEX notifications

Week 21 - 2004

No. Notifying Member States Product
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Danger Measures adopted by
notifying country
01 Sweden


Brand: Inglesina.
Chassis name: Telaio Comfort Pui and Telaio Comfort Ergo

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In four reported incidents the adjustable parts of one or both of the pivoting joints on the sides of the frame broke suddenly leaving the parent without any control over the pram or the child. Voluntary product recall.
02 Spain


Brand: Honda
Model: Silverwing 600cc D/A.

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Fire risk due to petrol leak. The petrol tank can crack due to a defect in the stamping process, which may lead to a petrol leak with a risk of fire.

Chassis numbers from/to:

JH2PF01A*2K034561 / JH2PF01A*2K034765 JH2PF01A*2K035601 / JH2PF01A*2K035621 JH2PF01B*3K010008 / JH2PF01B*3K011375 JH2PF01A*3K050001 / JH2PF01A*3K051074
Voluntary technical measures taken to repair the defect. Notification of importers, distributors and consumers.
03 Greece Toy car.

Brand: Batman and Batmobile.
Model: #B4944

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The rear tail wings of the toy car are made of rigid plastic with sharp points, presenting a risk of injury to small children. Voluntary suspension of sales until the problem has been rectified. Recall of unsold products. Immediate notification of consumers.