Weekly overview report of RAPEX notifications

Week 19 - 2004

No. Notifying Member States Product
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Danger Measures adopted by
notifying country
01 Spain Halloween masks and wigs in packaging with the word "Halloween" on it.
Models: Green devil with red hair - Monkey with white hair - Blue boar with blue and white hair.

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Asphyxiation. (The masks do not comply with standard ventilation requirements). Sales ban ordered.
02 Germany

Pair of tights.
Brand: "Strumpfhose Hilka - Passend für alle Größen" "Hilka tights - one size fits all".

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Presence of carcinogenic substances (banned azo-dyes which may break down into carcinogenic amines). Marketing and distribution discontinued and product recalled Impounding and destruction of product ordered. .
03 Spain Heavy-duty cleaner for glass fireplace inserts.
Brand: "Cleanerfire".

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Risk of burns following spillage of the caustic liquid. Incorrect labelling. Although the product is corrosive, there is no child safety cap. Withdrawal from the market ordered.
04 Spain
Tractor mower.
Brand: Castelgarden. Type/Model number: EUT 10/72, 10 HP Tecumseh engine

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Risk of a fire or explosion in the tractor mower. The cable that caused the fire is the unsecured lead from the generator which is connected without protection to the positive terminal of the battery. The authorised representative and the retailer are working together to recall the products concerned and repair them.