Weekly overview report of RAPEX notifications

Week 13 - 2004

No. Notifying Member States Product
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Danger Measures adopted by
notifying country
01 Spain Heating pad. Brand: BESMED. Model: BE-240 Risk of electric shock:

- no insulation on the thermal circuit-breakers (devices to prevent excessive temperatures) inside the pad;
- use of unsuitable terminals to connect the wiring ;
- though the appliance has a Z-type mounting (where the lead cannot be replaced without breaking), there are no safety instructions ;
- there are no safety instructions in Spanish on the appliance itself.
Withdrawal from the market ordered by the authorities.
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02 Germany Work gloves
AGKI G. b. R. 32361 Pr. Oldendorf
Presence of carcinogenic substances. The product was manufactured using banned azo dyes which may form carcinogenic amines. Retailer voluntarily returned the products to the manufacturer.
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03 France Luminous lollipops with batteries. Lollipop with luminous sword. Brand: FLAM'POP

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Ingestion of small parts and suffocation. A child of 5 swallowed a battery. A general decree was issued suspending the import, export and marketing of any luminous sweets and ordering their destruction.