The Rapid Alert System for Non-Food Products (RAPEX)

Alert number: A12/1751/18

Product:  Folding camping table

Name: Fernsehtisch

Batch number / Barcode:  2014576626005

Type of alert: Serious

Category: Furniture

Brand: Unknown

Type / number of model:  14576626/I-9109-L

Risk type: Injuries
The table is unstable and can collapse under load causing injuries.

The product does not comply with the relevant European Standard EN 581.

Measures ordered by public authorities (to: Distributor): Ban on the marketing of the product and any accompanying measures

Description:  Folding table for outdoor use with a rectangular table top made of woodbased panels (MDF) and metal legs. Packed in plastic film.

Country of origin: Germany

Alert submitted by: Lithuania