The Rapid Alert System for Non-Food Products (RAPEX)

Alert number: A12/1488/15

Product:  Liquid for e-cigarettes

Name: Unknown

Batch number / Barcode:  3057065010106

Type of alert: Serious

Category: Chemical products

Brand: OCB

Type / number of model:  model MENTA FRESCA (flavour), 6mg/ml of nicotine, batch 2127623

Risk type: Chemical
The product contains nicotine (6 mg/ml) yet the packaging lacks a clear reference to the presence of nicotine. The product does not contain an adequate safety label bearing risk-related indications, safety advice or recommendations for correct and safe use of the product, such as is required for harmful mixtures. The user therefore does not have the necessary information on the dangers incurred when the product comes into contact with the skin or if it is ingested.

The product does not comply with the requirements of Directive 1999/45/EC relating to the classification, packaging and labelling of dangerous preparations.

Measures ordered by public authorities (to: Other): Withdrawal of the product from the market

Description:  Plastic bottle containing a whitish liquid, closed with a blue lid. Affixed to the bottle is a black label. There is no packaging.

Country of origin: France

Alert submitted by: Spain

Products were found and measures were taken also in: France