The Rapid Alert System for Non-Food Products (RAPEX)

Alert number: A12/1193/15

Product:  Tattoo ink

Name: Dark Chocolate

Batch number / Barcode:  Lot SS 202 ex. 02/29/2020 and lot SS 200 ex. 01/31/2020

Type of alert: Serious

Category: Chemical products

Brand: Intenze

Type / number of model:  Unknown

Risk type: Chemical
The ink contains antimony (measured value up to 3.2 mg/kg), arsenic (measured value up to 14.9 mg/kg), nickel (measured value up to 106 mg/kg) and lead (measured value up to 5.76 mg/kg). Antimony can irritate the skin and long-time exposure can affect the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Arsenic is carcinogenic, exposure to lead is harmful for human health and can cause developmental neurotoxicity and nickel can cause skin irritation and induce sensitisation or elicit allergic responses.

The Council of Europe Resolution ResAP (2008)1 on requirements and criteria for the safety of tattoos and permanent make-up recommends that the levels of antimony, arsenic and lead in tattoo inks do not exceed 2 mg/kg and that the content of nickel in tattoo inks is as low as technically achievable.

The product does not comply with national legislation.

Measures ordered by public authorities (to: Other): Ban on the marketing of the product and any accompanying measures

Description:  30 ml bottle

Country of origin: United States

Alert submitted by: Italy

Products were found and measures were taken also in: Cyprus