The Rapid Alert System for Non-Food Products (RAPEX)

Alert number: A12/0017/19

Product:  Van / passenger car

Name: Proace

Batch number / Barcode:  Model year: 2016 through 2018;

Type of alert: Serious

Category: Motor vehicles

Brand: Toyota

Type / number of model:  EC-type approval number: e2*2007/46*0538 and e2*2007/46*0537.

Risk type: Injuries
The tightening torque of the threaded connection between the ball joint and knuckle may decrease and the A/C compressor pulley could break. If this occurs, the pulley will separate into 2 components that will rotate against each other, generating heat.
The bolts holding the front and rear suspension arm to the chassis could be deformed and break and the steering rack fixation might be damaged.
The ball joint might detach from the knuckle. The heat generated at the AC compressor pulley may damage surrounding parts. The front suspension arm and the rear arm could detach from the chassis during driving. Moreover, the steering rack might detach during driving.

Measures taken by economic operators: Recall of the product from end users (By: Importer)

Description:  Van / passenger car. Company recall code: 18SMD130.

Country of origin: France

Alert submitted by: Portugal

Products were found and measures were taken also in: Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, The Netherlands