The Rapid Alert System for Non-Food Products (RAPEX)

Alert number: 0233/08

Product:  Passenger car - Oil pump drive


Batch number / Barcode: 

Type of alert: Serious

Category: Motor vehicles

Brand: Volkswagen

Type / number of model:  Passengers’ cars, models Touareg (type 7L) and Passat (type 3C) with 3.2/3.6l FSI engine (Recall Campaign 24L8).

Risk type: Injuries

The product poses a risk of injuries because on vehicles with 3.2/3.6l engine of a limited production period the oil pump drive may overload at cold start. As the result the vehicle may break down causing road accidents.

Measures taken by economic operators: Voluntary corrective actions taken by the importer.  (By: Other)

Description:  The vehicles concerned are of the model years 2006 and 2007 and have vehicle identification numbers in the following ranges: - Touareg: WVG*7L*6D000033 to VG*7L*6D069879,WVG*7L*7D000001 to WVG*7L*7D071580. - Passat: WVW*3C*6E001678 to WVW*3C*6E239950,WVW*3C*6P000075 to WVW*3C*6P226975, WVW*3C*7E000001 to WVW*3C*7E227984,WVW*3C*7P000001 to WVW*3C*7P157295, WVW*3C*6Z000038 to WVW*3C*6Z000054.

Country of origin: Germany

Alert submitted by: Greece