Rapid Alert System - Weekly Report

Report 40 (Published on: 07/10/2011)

Weekly overview report Serious risk

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Alert number: 1041/11       
Category: Electrical appliances and equipment
Product: Socket outlet "Base fija doble enchufe"
Brand: ExtraStar
Type / number of model: LK65421
Batch number / Barcode: 8432011614068
Risk type: Electric shock, Fire
The product poses a risk of electric shock and fire because the holes in the socket are not sufficiently elastic to ensure correct contact pressure on the pins and because the side earth contacts become deformed.

The product does not comply with the relevant national standard UNE 20315.

Measures ordered by public authorities: Imports rejected by the customs authorities.

Description: White socket outlet
Country of origin: China
Alert submitted by: Spain
Risk level: Serious
Year - Week:  2011 - 40

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Alert number: 1047/11       
Category: Other
Product: Solar panels "Q 125PI(TP)"
Brand: Conergy
Type / number of model: 40-101-960 , 40-101-993
Batch number / Barcode: 
Risk type: Burns, Fire
Some of the cables in the junction boxes may have been connected incorrectly and this could potentially produce an electric arc that could, in turn, start a fire in the panels.

Measures taken by economic operators: Voluntary stop on sales and recall from consumers.

Description: Solar panels with pre-connected cables for photovoltaic facilities.
Country of origin: Germany
Alert submitted by: Spain
Risk level: Serious
Year - Week:  2011 - 40
Products were found and measures were taken also in: Greece