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Report 3 ( Published on: 17/01/2020)
Notification A11/00001/20 of report 2020 - 3 has been updated with additional model numbers.,Notification A12/0709/19 has been withdrawn from report 2019-18 of 03-05-2019 at the request of the notifying authority as new evidence was submitted that shows the product is compliant.

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Alert number: A12/00035/20       
Category:  Electrical appliances and equipment
Product:  Kettle
Name: Electric Kettle
Type / number of model:  BEN203KS
Barcode:  Unknown
Batch number:  Unknown
Risk type:  Electric shock
The mains plug has incorrect dimensions and is not adequately earthed. A person can consequently touch live parts when inserting the plug into a socket and receive an electric shock. / The product does not comply with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive and the relevant European Standard EN 60335-2-15.

Measures taken by economic operators: Recall of the product from end users, Withdrawal of the product from the market (By: Distributor)
Measures ordered by public authorities (to: Distributor): Removal of this product listing by the online marketplace

Description:  Stainless steel kettle with black lid, handle and base.
Packaging description:  Packaged in a cardboard box.
Country of origin:  Unknown
Alert submitted by:  United Kingdom
Type of alert: Serious
Year - Week:  2020 - 3