International Product Safety Week 2018 (IPSW 2018)

Safety of products sold to consumers, both through traditional trade channels as well as on-line, is fundamental. The Commission works closely with a broad range of stakeholders, including main trading partners, towards product safety online and offline, no matter where the products are manufactured.

During the IPSW 2018, the European Commission called for participation from product safety professionals from around the world to debate and foster international cooperation on policy development and on enforcement in the area of (non-food) consumer product safety. The IPSW 2018 provided an opportunity to participate in a series of conferences and meetings and discuss among international regulators, industry, consumer organizations, standard-makers, test laboratories, academics and other product safety experts.

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  November 12 9am to 10am

  November 13 from 2.30 am

  November 14 all day

  November 15 morning session

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