CASP 2019 - Soft-Filled Toys
Products tested
The participating MSAs selected 189 products.
Toys containing plastic
Toys with attached components
Toys containing battery compartments
Toys without features
An accredited laboratory carried out the tests of the different products between June and September 2019, focusing on mechanical and chemical safety (flammability, accessibility of batteries, small parts, etc.).
Results of the tests
The tests revealed that two thirds of the products did not fully comply with all legal safety requirements, as they presented technical defects which lead to different degrees of potential risk to the health of the final users. More than 50% of toys under the category “containing battery compartments” did not comply with EU safety rules, while the category “Toys without features” showed the least non-compliances.
Main hazards

• Small parts and suction pads on soft toys could easily detach, posing a choking risk

• Battery operated soft toys also require special attention: easily accessible batteries can cause health problems if they are swallowed or if a child sucks on a leaking battery.

Key messages

• Check the recommended age on the packaging and choose age appropriate toys.

• Don’t buy soft toys that have small detachable parts or have exposed battery compartments for babies and very young children.

Participating countries