Harmonised templates

Page header

The Harmonised group 2 page header gives context and confidence to the users so they understand what the page is about, to be placed just below the Site header.


Anatomy of harmonised group 2 page header
breadcrumboptionalbreadcrumb component provides information on the page and its relationship to the site's hierarchy and structure
metaoptionalmetadata related with the content of the page
page titleyestitle of the page
introductionyesshort description of the page


  • make sure the pages contain all the elements in the anatomy table above


  • don't use more than one Page header per page
  • don't use it on the Homepage, use Hero banner instead

When to use

  • only if the site has more than 1 page
  • only if ECL components are also being used on the body page. ECL components on this site category are optional between the site header and the footer

When not to use