Harmonised templates



From release 3.3 onwards, the individual templates (Core, Standardised & Harmonised) can be found on the ECL as configurations of the structurally merged components (Site header, Page header & Footer), which now have a single, dedicated page. Concurrently, the EWG (Europa Web Guide) has also been updated to better accommodate information regarding the optionality of components & elements per site type. Please follow the corresponding links found in the table below for more information.

Knowledge baseNew location
EWG (Europa web guide)Guidelines for EC branded Harmonised websites - Footer(s)
ECL (Europa component library)EC Footer component - Harmonised config.

The Harmonised group 2 site footer is present on every page. It provides supplementary information such as copyright, legal, privacy, social media, contact information and links to other important sections within the EC ecosystem, to be placed at the bottom of the page.


corporate nameyesEuropean Commission - parent owner of the website
service navigationyescontains services links - consistent throughout the family sites
legal navigationyescontains legal information links - consistent throughout the family sites


  • make sure the pages contain all the elements in the anatomy table above


  • don't add additional information that is not listed in the anatomy table above

When to use

  • always use a Footer when building your page

When not to use

  • do not follow these guidelines when you are updating sites that fall under the Standardised or Core category