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State Aid Scoreboard 2019

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Under Article 6 of Commission Regulation (EC) 794/2004, the European Commission must publish, annually, a State aid synopsis ("State aid Scoreboard" or “Scoreboard”) based on the expenditure reports provided by Member States.


The Scoreboard is the European Commission’s benchmarking instrument for State aid. It was launched by the Commission in July 2001 to provide a transparent and publicly accessible source of information on the overall State aid situation in the Member States and on the Commission's State aid control activities. Furthermore, the data in the report are used for further statistical analysis and represent an important source of information. Scoreboard data are also used by Member States and external stakeholders.

Data and methodology

The State Aid Scoreboard comprises aid expenditure made by Member States from 1.01.2009 to 31.12.2018 which falls under the scope of Article 107(1) TFEU. The data is based on the annual reporting by Member States pursuant to Article 6(1) of Commission Regulation (EC) 794/2004. The accuracy of the data remains the responsibility of Member States.

Cases which are still under examination are excluded. General measures that do not favour certain enterprises or sectors, and public subsidies that do not affect trade or distort competition, are not covered by the Scoreboard as they are not subject to the Commission’s investigative powers under the State aid rules or deemed not to constitute State aid. Therefore, the data presented in the Scoreboard do not include funding granted under the de minimis rules. Furthermore, State aid expenditure data presented in the Scoreboard exclude most of the aid to railways, services of general economic interest and schemes approved under the Temporary Framework (TF), for which the corresponding legal bases impose limited reporting obligations on Member States. Railways and crisis aid to the financial sector are dealt with separately.

The actual data on State aid expenditure concerning previous years may differ from data previously published for the same year. Indeed, Member States may have replaced provisional figures or estimates from previous years by final actual expenditure, in particular, as regards expenditure in tax schemes.

State aid expenditures are presented in terms of aid element granted by the Member State to the recipient of the aid. The aid element does not represent the nominal amount spent by the public authority, but measures the economic advantage passed on to the undertaking. More detail on the methodology used in this Scoreboard is provided in Annex I of the Note on the Scoreboard.

Scoreboard State Aid data - Eurostat dissemination tool for statistics (2000-2018)


Download the 2019 Note on the state aid scoreboard

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Graphs and Widgets

Figure 1 - Aid by main objectives in current prices

Figure 2 - Aid under block exemption in current prices

Figure 3 - Aid by instruments in current prices

Figure 4 - Aid to agriculture and rural development in current prices





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