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State aid

Legislation > Sector-specific rules

Financial sector: application of State aid rules to measures taken in the context of the current global financial crisis
Agriculture, forestry and rural areas
Fishery and aquaculture


Audiovisual production

Archive: Expired rules. Review of the Communication



Coal industry

Electricity (stranded costs)
  • Commission Communication relating to the methodology for analysing State aid linked to stranded costs – Adopted by the Commission on 26.07.2001
    da de el en es fr it nl pt fi sv pdf
    Commission letter SG (2001) D/290869 of 6.8.2001

    Press release – IP/01/1077, 25.07.2001


Postal Services


As of 1 July 2014 there are no special rules dedicated to shipbuilding sector; horizontal rules apply.



Synthetic fibres - Motor vehicles industry
  • Previously, several sensitive industrial sectors have been subject to specific, stricter rules on State aid (Code on aid to the synthetic fibres (Official Journal C 368, 22.12.2001, page 10) and Community framework on State aid to the motor vehicle). Rules in sensitive industrial sectors have been included within the Multisectoral framework pdf on regional aid for large investment projects through its latest revision. Sectors where serious structural problems prevail have been specified in the following communication modifying the framework:
  • Commission communication on the modification of the Multisectoral Framework on regional aid for large investment projects (2002) with regard to the establishment of a list of sectors facing structural problems and on a proposal of appropriate measures pursuant to Article 88 paragraph 1 of the EC Treaty, concerning the motor vehicle sector and the synthetic fibres sector
    Official Journal C 263, 01.11.2003, pages 3-4
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