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Commission antitrust cases in the car sector (since 1998)

  • Fine to cartel in the car glass sector (2008)
  • The Commission adopts four decisions that bind DaimlerChrysler, Fiat, Toyota and GM to commitments to give independent repairers proper access to repair information.
    Press release - IP/07/1332 - 14.09.2007
    The four market test notices concerning the commitments proposed by DaimlerChrysler, Fiat, Toyota and General Motors (Opel) to provide independent repairers with brand-specific technical repair information were published in the Official Journal (OJ C 66, 22.3.2007, pp. 18 - 29)
  • Complaints against BMW and General Motors regarding contractual standards required from their dealers and repairers - questions and answers
    Memo - MEMO/06/120 - 13.03.2006
  • Commission welcomes changes to General Motors' distribution and servicing agreements
    Press Release - IP/06/303 - 13.03.2006
  • Commission welcomes changes to BMW's distribution and servicing agreements
    Press Release - IP/06/302 - 13.03.2006
  • SEP et autres / Automobiles Peugeot SA (case COMP/36623)
  • Commission clears new Porsche distribution and after-sales service arrangements
    Press release IP/04/585 – 03.05.2004
  • BP lubricants case (COMP/38730) Article in the 2003 Annual report on competition policy.
    da de el en es fi fr it nl pt sv pdf
  • Volkswagen and Audi to conclude agreements with repair shops for the provision of after-sales services.
    Press Release - IP/03/80, 20.1.2003
  • Commission imposes fine of nearly 72 million on DaimlerChrysler for infringing the EC competition rules in the area of car distribution
    Press Release - IP/01/1394, 10.10.2001
    • Case COMP/36.264 - Mercedes-Benz: Commission decision of 10 October 2001 relating to a proceeding under Article 81 of the EC Treaty (notified under document number C (2001) 3028) en
      Official Journal L 257, 25.09.2002, pages 1-47
  • Commission clears the creation of the Covisint Automotive Internet Marketplace
    Press Release - IP/01/1155 - 31.07.2001
  • Commission imposes a 30.96 million fine on Volkswagen AG for retail price maintenance measures on the German market
    Press Release - IP/01/760 - 30.05.2001
    • Commission Decision of 29 June 2001 relating to a proceeding under Article 81 of the EC Treaty (Case COMP/F-2/36.693 - Volkswagen) (notified under document number C(2001) 1698)
      Official Journal L 262, 02.10.2001, pages 14-37
  • Commission imposes a 43 million fine on Opel Nederland B.V. for obstruction of new car exports in the Netherlands
    Press Release - IP/00/1028 - 20.09.2000
    • Commission Decision of 20 September 2000 relating to a proceeding under Article 81 of the EC Treaty (Case COMP/36.653 - Opel)(notified under document number C(2000)2707)
      Official Journal L 59, 28.02.2001, pages 1-42
  • Commission approves co-operation agreement between General Motors and Fiat
    Press Release - IP/00/932 - 16.08.2000
  • Commission decision of January 1998 against Volkswagen is confirmed by the European Court of First Instance
    Press Release - IP/00/725 - 06.07.2000
    • Commission fines Volkswagen ECU 102 million following consumer complaints
      Press Release - IP/98/94 - 28.01.1998
    • Commission Decision of 28 January 1998 relating to a proceeding under Article 85 of the EC Treaty (Case IV/35.733 — VW) (1)
      es da de el en fr it nl pt fi sv pdf
      Official Journal L 124, 25.04.1998, pages 60-108
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