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This page lists competition cases handled by the Commission. See also some related case-law.

The "NACE" codes below indicate the sector according to the General Industrial Classification of Economic Activities.

Antitrust and cartels

Collective rights management
Music / sound recordings
  • iTunes (COMP/39.154)
    Prices for music downloads in Europe
  • MusicNet (COMP/38.119)
    Cooperation agreement between Sony and Universal to create Pressplay (OJ 2002/C 253/07)
  • PO/SONY (COMP/38.039), PO/EMI (COMP/38.037), PO/WARNER (COMP/38.041), PO/UNIVERSAL (COMP/38.040),PO/BMG (COMP/38.038)
    Inquiry into CD prices
  • Cross-border access to pay-TV content (COMP/40.023)
    Investigation into restrictions affecting cross border provision of pay-TV services
  • Altroconsumo 226 (COMP/39.209)
    Italy – compliance with EU rules on electronic communications
  • TERACOM (COMP/39.157)
    Sweden - broadcasting services monopoly
  • Telenor + Canal + + Canal Digital (COMP/38.287)
    Deal between Telenor and Canal+ regarding Nordic satellite pay-TV distribution
  • Eurosport (COMP/38.464)
    Agreement on the broadcasting of a single pan-European programme
  • BBC ENTERPRISES + others (COMP/38.363)
    Retransmission of UK broadcasts in Ireland
  • NSAB + MTG (COMP/38.016)
    TV broadcasting agreement between Nordic Satellite AB and Modern Times Group
  • M6 + TF1 + TF6 + Série Club (COMP/38.089)
    Joint ventures responsible for the production of two special interest channels
  • EPS+5 (COMP/37.592)
    Cooperation agreement in the TV information field
  • TPS + 7 (COMP/36.237)
    Agreements creating the company TPS
  • BiB + 4 (COMP/36.539) concerning the creation of a joint venture company BiB providing digital interactive television services
  • EBU/Eurovision System (COMP/32.150)
    EBU's statutes governing the acquisition of television rights to sports events
  • Film purchases by German television stations (IV/31.734)
    Agreements on TV rights to American feature films, television films and series by the Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen
  • RAI/UNITEL (IV/29.559)
    Objections raised by UNITEL to the broadcast of an opera on the ground that they had exclusive contracts with some singers
Sports content
Motion pictures
  • Pay Television Film Output Agreements (COMP/38.427)
    Investigation into contracts of six Hollywood studios with European pay-TVs
  • Euromax / Imax (COMP/37.761) concerning the supply and maintenance of a system for the projection of films
  • UIP (COMP/30.566)
    Renewal of UIP authorisation for five years
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Merger cases by NACE code

State aid

Public service broadcasting

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Film production

The following decisions illustrate how the Commission’s policy towards State aid for film and audiovisual works is applied:

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