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This page lists judgements of the Court of Justice of the European Union on competition cases regarding the media sector.

Antitrust (including cartels)

    Collective rights management
  • Case C-52/07 Kanal 5 Ltd and TV 4 AB v STIM (2008)
  • Case C-245/00 SENA v NOS (2003)
  • Case T-224/95 Tremblay and others v Commission (1997)
  • Cases T-528/93, T-542/93, T-543/93 and T-546/93 Métropole Télévision and Others v Commission (1996) ECR II-00649
  • Cases C-110/88, C-241/88, C-242/88, Lucazeau v SACEM (1989)
  • Case C-395/87 Ministère public v Jean-Louis Tournier (1989)
  • Case C-125/78 GEMA v Commission (1979)
  • Case C-22/79 Greenwich Film Production v. SACEM (1979)
  • Case C-127-73 BRT v SABAM (1974)
  • Case C-45/71 GEMA v Commission (1971)
  • Sports content
  • Cases T-185/00 Métropole Télévision SA (M6) v Commission (Eurovision) (2002) and T-299/00 Gestevisión Telecinco SA (2002) and T-300/00 Métropole Télévision SA (M6) v Commission (2002)
  • Case T-216/00 Antena 3 de Televisión SA v Commission (2002)
  • Case T-528/93 Eurovision I (1996)
  • Broadcasting
  • Cases C-403/08 and C-429/08 Football Association Premier League and Others v QC Leisure and Others, Karen Murphy v Media Protection Services Ltd
  • Case C-260/89 Elliniki Radiophonia Tileorassi AE (ERT) v Dimotiki Etairia Pliroforissis and Sotirios Kouvelas (1991)
  • Publishing
  • Cases C-241/91 and C-242/91 RTE & ITP v Commission (Magill) (1995)
  • Motion pictures
  • Case 62/79 Coditel I (1980)
  • Case 262/81 Coditel II (1982)
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