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Competition policy and economic recovery

How competition policy is helping economic recovery

Competition policy is essential to rebuilding the economy. In times of crisis, there may be a temptation to relax competition rules to accommodate short term problems that businesses face. History shows that such relaxation actually prolongs and worsens the impact of the crisis and prevents healthy recovery.

So it is vital for competition rules to be fully maintained in the current environment. Consumers, taxpayers, workers and businesses - everyone is better off overall when competition exists in our markets. The Commission and national competition authorities continue to enforce competition rules to guarantee this outcome.

This does not mean, however, that the Commission has not adapted its policy to the financial and economic crisis. Since the very beginning of the crisis, the Commission has recognised the need for urgent action. The Commission now has very flexible procedures to assess urgently measures needed to safeguard the stability of the European financial system or bring liquidity to the real economy.

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  • how the Commission is helping to tackle the crisis in the financial/banking sector
  • state aid actions taken to overcome the crisis in the real economy
  • temporary state aid rules established to speed up recovery
  • the latest state aid and merger cases
  • key contacts

Details of other actions taken by the European Union and the Member States to tackle the financial and economic crisis may be found here.